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Rainbow is looking for someone just like you! We offer competitive rates, a friendly atmosphere and an opportunity to benefit the entire community. To apply for one of our positions, please click here. (Link will open in a new window.)

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Drivers will interact with and assist clients while transporting them to and from medical appointments, planned excursions, shopping trips, and their homes. We are looking for insurable drivers with clean driving records and no points, candidates must be able to lift and support 100-150 pounds. A friendly, respectful attitude toward the clients is a must, as well as an extremely high level of care and responsibility while operating a Rainbow vehicle. All Rainbow programs include bilingual clients, so a bilingual candidate is a plus. A CDL license is also a plus but not a requirement. Drivers will also perform Program Assistant duties while not driving vehicles. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.  Drivers will start at $10/hour, or $14 for a CDL licensed driver. Daily schedule will be 6-9 hours per day as needed.  
Drivers will start at $10/hour, or $14 for a CDL licensed driver. Daily schedule will be 6-9 hours per day as needed.
Program Assistants interact directly with the participants while they are in the facility and may accompany them on trips and excursions. They will be responsible for the safety and comfort of the clients as well as overseeing activities, games, etc. Will serve snack and meals to clients and assist with other kitchen duties as needed, as well as help keep the facility clean and tidy. PAs will assist clients in personal care needs such as eating and toileting. Will maintain a positive attitude at all times while being flexible and accepting duties as assigned by center director and program manager. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants. Experience in a nursing home, long term care or home care environment is a plus but not necessary.  
Program assistants start at $10/hour, daily schedule will be 6 hours per day.

Kitchen Assistants manage all daily food preparation and distribution to clients, as well as document inventory and maintain all State and Federal record charts. Ensures that correct food portions are served to all participants. Will maintain a clean and tidy kitchen area at all times, and regularly clean/sanitize all equipment and surfaces in accordance with safety guidelines. Communicates with the center director and facilities manager to ensure kitchen items and food items are kept in-stock. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.
Kitchen Assistant starts at $10/hour and will be scheduled 4-6 hours per day as needed.

Transportation Coordinators will use Microsoft Word/Excel to produce and update Run Sheets from a master list of participant addresses and days of attendance. Must display excellent communication skills in coordinating drivers in the center for morning and afternoon runs to pick up and drop off the participants. Will oversee vehicles and promptly report any damages or needed repairs to the center director. Must demonstrate understanding of all company policies and procedures regarding accidents and emergencies. Will complete daily attendance and transportation logs for the center, as well as assist with safe loading/unloading of participants to vehicles as needed. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.
Transportation Coordinator is a full time position and starts at $12/hour.

Activity Director is responsible for overall planning and implementation of psychosocial, recreational, volunteer and community program. The director will assess participant needs, develop individual care plans, develop activities for small and large groups, interface with the outside community, supervise activity staff, and plan and implement special events and functions. Responsible for the development of a monthly Activity Calendar. Develops and implements a monthly Quality Assurance plan for the activity programs noted. Oversees, maintains, and prepares orders for supplies needed for activities. Oversees special outings and excursions. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants. Overall, energetically maintains the well being and morale of the participants through diverse, imaginative, and entertaining activities.
 Activity Director is a full time position starting at $14/hour.

Social Worker Designee assists potential clients with the admission process, including writing up initial assessment, progress notes, and ADCAPS. Responsible for updating ADCAPS every 90 days for each participant as per regulations, and updating progress notes as soon as changes in condition occur. Responsible for case management of all clients and organization of charts and paperwork. General supervision of clients in the center. Will assist the Program Director with other paperwork as needed. Assists with environmental or health care audits of the facility. Handles any discharges of participants. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.
Social Worker Designee is part to full time as required and starts at $15/hour.

Program Manager communicates directly with the Program Director regarding operational issues, status of patient care and other concerns. Researches and plans educational trips, outings, field trips for the participants, as well as introducing new activities from time to time. Ensures safety procedures are followed by staff at all times. Ensures that any special patient needs are met, and interacts directly with clients and their families. Assists the Program Director in monitoring employee attendance and conducting necessary safety drills and training. Takes and reports daily participant attendance. Develops monthly menus in accordance with CACFP regulations and nutritional needs of clients. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.
Program Manager is a full time position and starts at $15/hour.

Program Director communicates effectively with the business office to implement and maintain Rainbow policies, goals and objectives. Develops, implements and manages the daily program at their center, within a budget developed by the Program Director and reviewed with the business office.  Reviews and supervises policies and procedures at the center to ensure compliance with current state regulations. Supervises all departments in the center and coordinates service delivery between all disciplines. Reviews daily attendance to ensure accurate comparison with the transportation logs. Reviews and completes yearly re-certifications for participants for timely submission and approval. Reviews all reportable events in the center; reviews list of participants with special needs to ensure appropriate services are provided. Maintains staffing ratio at all times to meet needs of participants and regulatory requirement of 7:1.  Maintains staffing schedule, coordinates time off for employees, and records absenteeism and tardiness. Performs regular annual employee performance evaluations. Conducts orientation for new employees, monthly in-service and trainings with current employees, and monthly fire drills. Evaluates new applicants and hires staff with business office approval. Set up and maintain onsite personnel files. Develops monthly menus to meet nutritional needs of clients and comply with CACFP regulations, and submits monthly meal counts to the business office. Prepares payroll and submits to business office. Oversees admission process of new participants. Maintains and promotes full occupancy during weekday program, and encourages and promotes Saturday attendance. Ensures all company vehicles are maintained and drivers follow safety procedures. Ensures that client transportation is efficient and cost effective. Ensures that center in general is properly maintained and clean. Delegates responsibility to staff as appropriate. Bilingual employees will assist in translation for participants.
Program Director is a full time position and starts at $20/hour.

NOTE: Web application must be completed in full in order to be processed. All potential candidates are subject to an interview phase with management. Testing appropriate to the position being applied for will be conducted at the interview.
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